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Casio has a total business solution for small and large businesses giving them far greater insight into how their business is managed and is performing. The Casio Cloud Suite links everyone together, allowing business data to be accessed anytime, anywhere and with any device.


The Cloud software subscription’s starts at £21.00 per month plus VAT, but its not essential to run the VR range, it’s an optional add on.

The Casio Cloud Suite allows data to be easily viewed from single or multiple sites in a concise format of your choice; data tables, pie charts and bar charts for example. Security within the Casio Cloud Suite allows controlled user access, restricting users from seeing reports and having program access from other branches. Different layers of management are providing with controlled access to the information they are permitted to view. Product maintenance can be managed remotely. This allows you to easily add and delete products, and update pricing.

The Casio Cloud Suite has a low set-up cost with no major expense required on day-one. The different modules can be purchased with a monthly subscription, and added to your Casio Cloud Suite as required.

Different users across your business can access different modules, helping them to have the latest business data available, and to act quickly to deliver the overall business objectives.

These modules* can be added to your Casio Cloud Suite as required. Each module can be purchased with a monthly subscription.

Core Module A non-graphical standard sales report with Product / Department / Group / Clerk / Parameter / Set Menu / Keyboard maintenance. This is your starter module to enable basic product maintenance and sales
Report Dashboard Graphical views in the form of bar graphs/ Pie charts and many others. This allows more in-depth reporting with sales profit and item detailed sales, along with charts to be able to view and “drill downs”.
Mix and Match The ability to be able to create and maintain mix and match promotions; buy 3 items and get a 10% discount
Multi Branch Control The ability to control a number of branches, with sales information available per branch and consolidated into one report.
Multi User Control The ability for many staff to be able to log onto the cloud at the same time, giving you the ability to be able to view only certain parts dependant on the requirements; i.e. Manager;
Stock Control The ability to be able to enter orders and deliveries; to carry out stock takes to compare theoretical with actual stock; generate actual profit reports before and after a stock take; Wastage control.
Enhanced Scanning The ability to be able to collect sales of items scanned that are not in the Product file (NFP) and to be able to create price encoded barcodes such as deli items which are weighed and a bar code product.
E-Commerce The ability to have an easy interface into web based systems to enable a customer who has a store and an online shop; stock to deplete automatically from the VR cloud solution when purchased online.
Import/Export The ability for sales/program data to be exported/imported so to enable interaction with other systems; Also, the ability to export in various formats including an import into Sage and other accounts.
Cashing up Proper cashing up procedure carried out on the cloud, enabling actual cash to be counted and entered onto a daily sheet; data of which will be compared to the actual cash sales recorded by your V-R100.
Floor Planner Ability to create a graphical floor plan on the VR which can be easily changed by the user.
Loyalty The ability to be able to prepare and send emails and texts to end user customers, informing them of special promotions that will apply to their buying trends.
Time and Attendance To enable staff to be able to clock in/clock out; possible labour scheduling so to be able to ascertain the staff cost against the proposed turnover and profit.
Hand Held Control The ability to be able to carry out stock taking/Ordering/Deliveries/transfers/price checking (scanning)/shelf edge label production (scanning) from DT-X8/IT-300.Hand Held Terminal.